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    Mastermind Computer Network Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing (www.zhiduopc.com) is a focus on IT technology and website development services, Internet development team, was established in March 2008, the main interest of the Internet by a group of young people founded by the development team he has a technical and operations teams, mainly in the construction of a full set of web services, custom software development, computer maintenance professional, independent operating website and provide a variety of professional services!
    We like to learn from others, analysis of others, copying innovations from others, to develop new things, so as to achieve their satisfaction with the requirements of one hundred and gather for the Great! Is our style, our goal now Jianzhan are beginning to is the real authority of the faith-based services, all to lure money from equalization, and remains, never change, will not be shaken because of difficulties have been efforts to develop the ...
    We owns many websites, Internet users have been working for the service!
    Intellectual multi-PC network: (http://www.zhiduopc.com.cn/), also known as Chongqing, MI Information Technology Network
    Web advertising network: (http://www.3wads.com/), also known as Internet ad networks to create wealth
    Chita Internet data: (http://idc.zhiduopc.com/)
    Chita IT Mall: (http://shop.zhiduopc.com/)
    We plan to launch in November 2011 World Wide Web navigation network - China's most useful website Daquan first navigation portal service, providing a full range of life and convenient service ...
    World Wide Web navigation network: (http://www.3w12.com/), also known as MI navigation network
    World Wide Video World Wide Network World Wide Web navigation buy fiction Music Network World Wide Network World Wide Web World Wide Web rebate check web network PC game platform data network all-around resource search web web of life information network, etc.
    Users First: all the user-centric, create value for customers;
    Simple and reliable: the simple man to do things, believe in yourself, believe partners;
    Entrepreneurship: a passion and a sense of crisis, to encourage innovation, and to do business ownership;
    Perform effectively: fast forward, results-oriented, take responsibility, the pursuit of excellence.
    We have been working hard to create a better tomorrow for our own growth without your support and love ... I believe we will do better!

    PC搜-全能资源搜索引擎 一切尽在掌握之中!